Upcycled Heart Garland

upcycled heart garland

Hello Everyone!

These little hearts are absolutely adorable whether they are strung together in a garland or individual ornaments! You could make them in any color you could possibly imagine and they would work for so much more than just Valentine’s Day decorations!

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Upcycled Sunflowers

upcycled sunflowers

Well, we’re on the downward slope of summer now, heading swiftly into autumn. It will be here before we know it, but I can’t say that I’m that upset about it. Even though I love summer with all its sunshine and warmth, my heart belongs to autumn.

It’s one of those seasons that, at least in Pennsylvania, seems to start out so beautiful with the changing leaves and chill in the air…and a week later…all the leaves are gone, the trees are brown and bare and it’s freezing.

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Upcycled Star Garland

upcycled star garland

So here I am again with another upcycled garland pattern. I just love these so much. I get to make something pretty and upcycle something that might otherwise end up in a landfill. I do recycle religiously, but I’m hoping that by sharing this pattern, other people could help out in the fight against polluting the planet. I realize it’s a small gesture, however, I honestly believe that big things begin with little steps!

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Burlap-like Ruffle Garland

crochet burlapp-like ruffle garland pattern

Hey Everyone!

I love the look of the burlap wreaths and garlands that you see everywhere these days. It’s so country! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at crafting with the burlap, but I just never got around to it.

One of the archways in my house, a rather large one that opens up to my staircase, was looking a little bare.  I dug through my gigantic yarn stash (anyone else have one of those?) and found a couple skeins of the Red Heart Warm Brown. It was remarkable how close this color came to matching burlap.

And it hit me!  A soft, flexible garland that looks like burlap! Fantastic!

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Holiday Garlands

Holiday Garlands

There are quite a few archways in my house and for some reason I feel like they need some sprucing up. They just look so naked. What better (and more flexible) way to highlight these architectural designs then by lining the arches with crocheted garlands!

Even my husband likes them, so they must not be too girly.

If you could see our house, it is decorated with country/rustic items: deer, black bears, grubby candles and oil lanterns. When I was growing up I never thought that was how my house would be decorated, but the truth is that I love it!  I’ve always been fond of nature, the outdoors and animals.  As a child, I played in the woods behind our house, building forts and swimming in a creek that I later found out had poisonous snakes in it! Yikes!
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Upcycled Shamrocks

Upcycled Holiday Garland

Hey Everyone!

I never know what to do with those pesky rings that sometimes pop off my water bottles when I open them. I don’t like to throw them away and if I throw them in our recycling container, they just collect at the bottom and become a mess of stickiness!

Thank goodness our little town has a recycling center because my family goes through a ton of plastic bottles.

So what can you do with those little plastic rings?

Why craft with them of course!
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