Granny Square Cabin Rug

Granny Square Cabin Rug

The Granny Square Cabin Rug is such a fun little project! I’ve made several rugs in my crocheting lifetime and I’m currently using five in my home—they last a really long time. I’ve had mine for years and washed them tons of times. I’m very happy with how durable they are. I always make them with multiple strands of yarn at the same time, which makes them super thick and comfortable under your feet.

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This particular example is made using two strands at the same time and it is wonderful! I wanted to create something that reminded me of living in a log cabin out in the country (my dream). Maybe one day I will get there, but for now, I will settle for making my home as close to what I want as I can while still living in town.

Be happy with what you have, right?

I wanted to offer everyone an easy option, especially if you’re just starting out making rugs. It isn’t hard to do. As long as you have the proper sized hook, you’re golden! The granny squares, while not the traditional version, are very easy and I’ve included photo tutorials to make it even easier.

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Another thing that I love about this rug is that you can customize it to whatever you want! Don’t like the woodsy cabin look? Change the colors to suit your decor! Don’t like the smaller size? Add more granny squares and make it whatever size you want!

I’m actually considering making a longer one to go in front of my kitchen sink since, as usual, I bought too much yarn. I thought about just making a monster of a rug, but I didn’t want to scare off any newbies! If anyone is interested in seeing a jumbo sized rug, please let me know in the comments and I will design one.

As for the issue of sliding rugs…

I don’t use anything under my rugs and I have never had a problem. I do have to adjust them regularly since my dogs like to use them for a bed, but I don’t fear slipping and falling because of them. If you are still leery of their stability, I recommend using these shelf liners. A friend of mine uses them under her rugs and those things don’t budge! She doesn’t have dogs though. LOL! Mine would probably still need frequent straightening.

I have also heard of some people putting large hot glue dots on the underside of their rugs. When it’s dry, it creates a rubbery type surface that helps prevent sliding. I’ve personally never tried that, but I’m interested to know if anyone has had success with that method.

Granny Square Cabin Rug

This pattern only uses chains, single crochets and slip stitches. Not too bad. And because of their thickness, there is no need to block the squares. Yay!

Please don’t feel intimidated by using two strands of yarn at the same time. As long as you have both running through your fingers as you normally would with one strand, and both at the same tension, it feels just the same as one. You get used to it very quickly.

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Do you feel intimidated by using multiple strands of yarn at the same time? Do you know of a good nonslip solution for rugs? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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Granny Square Cabin Rug

Materials Used:

Finished Size Approximately:

One Granny Square: 4.75” x 4.75”

Whole Rug: 23.25” x 33”


9 stitches and 6 rows in a 4” (10cm) square.


FC – foundation chain
sc – single crochet
sl st – slip stitch
ch – chain
st(s) – stitch(es)


  • This rug is constructed using two strands of the same color yarn held together as one while crocheting. It remains this way throughout the entire project.
  • With the multi-color, it is your preference if you wish for the colors of both strands to match up.
  • You will make all of your slip knots holding the two strands together as one.
  • When working your rounds of the granny squares, DO NOT turn after any of the rounds.
  • You will make 24 granny squares and whip stitch them together in six rows of four to create a rectangle shape. Then you will crochet on the border.
  • You can customize this rug to any size you want simply by adjusting your number of granny squares. You will always need an even number.

*** American crochet terms used throughout.


With Woodsy

Make 24

FC: Ch 4, sl st in 1st ch to form a loop, ch 1.

Note: You can also use a magic circle for your FC if that is your preference.

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Note: If using the FC instructions, crochet over top of the 2 tails from the slip stitch, leaving a little sticking out. After Round 1, pull tails tight to make the center hole smaller.

Round 1: 8 sc in loop, ch 1. (8 sc)

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Round 2: 2 sc in each st around, ch 1. (16 sc)

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Now you will begin to turn your circle into a square.

Round 3: Sc in next 4 sts, *ch 2, sc in next 4 sts* Repeat from * to * around, sl st in top of 1st sc made of Round 3, ch 1. (there are 4 sc along each side)

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Round 4: Skipping the st the ch 1 comes out of, sc in next 3 sts, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 sp of previous round. *Sc in next 4 sts, (sc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 sp* Repeat from * to * two more times. Sc in next st, sl st in top of 1st sc made of Round 4. Finish off. (6 sc along each side)

granny square cabin rug
Skip the stitch in between the red arrow and the black arrow that is unmarked. It’s not technically a stitch. It was your chain 1.

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Note: You can weave in your tails or crochet the next row right over top of them.

With Medium Thyme

Round 5: Attach yarn in any ch-2 sp of previous round. *(sc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 sp sc in next 6 sts* Repeat from * to * three more times. Sl st in 1st sc made of Round 5. Sl st into ch-2 sp, ch 1. (8 sc along each side)

Granny Square Cabin Rug

Round 6: *(Sc, ch 2, sc) in ch-2 sp, sc in next 8 sts* Repeat from * to * three more times. Sl st in 1st sc made of round. Finish off. (10 sc along each side)

 Granny Square Cabin Rug


Place two squares right sides together. With Medium Thyme, whip stitch each granny square together, working in the back loops only. Six rows of four to form a rectangle.


With Woodsy

Round 1: At one of the main corners of the rug (a ch-2 sp), with the right side facing you, *(sc, ch 2, sc). Sc across in every stitch and also one sc in every ch-2 sp until you come to the next main corner of the rug.* Repeat from * to * three more times. Sl st in the 1st sc made of Round 1. Sl st into ch-2 sp, ch 1.

Round 2: *(Sc, ch 2, sc), sc in each st across* Repeat from * to * three more times. Sl st in 1st sc made of Round 2. Sl st into ch-2 sp, ch 1.

Round 3: Repeat Round 2, but don’t ch 1 at the end. Finish off instead.

With Medium Thyme

Attach yarn in any corner.

Round 4 – Round 6: Repeat Round 2. At the end of Round 6, don’t ch 1. Finish off. Weave in ends.

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3 thoughts on “Granny Square Cabin Rug

  1. Hi Erica! This is so adorable! I want to make several rugs for my home. 🙂

    I’m a beginner, and I’ve just started to try your rug pattern, and I guess I’m having a bit of trouble seeing/knowing where to join-in at the end of rounds 3 and 4. Thought you might have a diagram or closeup pic.

    I seem to be making more “rounded” squares up to this point, and am totally missing my last corner by the end of round 4. Any suggestions? (I’m using Bernat camouflage and Red Heart SS in sage doubled, with an N/10mm hook, couldn’t find an N/9mm.)

    Thanks! Jessi in Florida

    1. Hello Jessi! I’m so glad you’re trying the Cabin Rug, but I’m sorry to hear you are having a bit of trouble. I’m sorry it took me so long to respond. I had to remake a square since my rug is already made and I couldn’t rip it apart. Anyway, I added two new photos to the pattern. The granny “squares” for Round 3 and Round 4 may still look a bit round, but it starts to square up more and more with each additional round. I hope the photos help you out. I also thought about using a stitch marker in your first single crochet of each round to help identify the first stitch. That would also work.

      As for the N/10 hook, I did notice that there seems to be two different mm associated with the N hook. I don’t think it would make a huge difference in the outcome of your rug if you use the 10 mm. It should still come out roughly the same. I hope this helps!


      1. Oh thanks so much! I’ll try again! This should help much! 🙂 Will let you know. Jessi