Denim & Ivory Lapghan

denim & ivory lapghan

Hello everyone!

For the next two weeks, I wanted to create a couple super simple patterns that could be worked up quickly — items that would make great gifts. Because even if it isn’t a holiday, we still manage to give gifts and make donations year round, don’t we?

So this week, I designed the cutest little lap afghan, a lapghan if you will. (If that’s not already a word, it really should be! Ha!)

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Peggy’s Pocket Afghan

Do you know someone who is always cold?

My husband’s eighty-something-year-old grandmother is on blood thinners and chronically cold. When she went into the hospital for surgery, I decided she needed a warm crocheted afghan—something to just brighten up her day a little. My husband told me about how selfless his grandmother had been his entire life, never thinking about herself, and how much she would appreciate such a gift.

Recently, she had told him a story about the time she needed a cast for her foot. She chose green for the cast because it was her late husband’s favorite color. He wore it every day. As it turns out, she soon regretted the choice because every time she looked down at her leg, it made her sad to think of her husband.
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