Rustic Boot Cuffs

rustic boot cuffs with buttons and lace

Hey everyone!

Today, I’d like to share my latest design for these simple, yet stunning boot cuffs!

When I set out to design them, I knew that I wanted something a little feminine and a little country or rustic, but I had no set design in mind. And it was actually when I was shopping for buttons and sifting through spools upon spools of ribbon and trim, that the style was decided — A beautiful umber colored wool, buttons that looked like wood grain and an antiqued somewhat lacy trim.

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Aspen Tweed Cowl

aspen tweed scarf. linen colored scarf on a mannequin.

Well hello there!

Last week I released the pattern for the Aspen Tweed Hat that included the directions for a messy bun style hat or a beanie with or without a pompom. You can see the hat pattern at the link.

This week, I decided to make a matching cowl and, since I had so much leftover yarn, I also created some matching mittens! You can see the pattern for the Aspen Tweed Mittens at this link.

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Aspen Tweed Mittens

aspen tweed mittens

Hi everyone!

I’m back again with another winter wear set for women! The Aspen Tweed Hat can be seen at this link and the Aspen Tweed Cowl can be seen at this link. There’s nothing like looking coordinated with a matching set.

These mittens were crocheted using Lion Brand Yarn Hometown USA, which is a super bulky size yarn and I tell you what — these mittens are so thick and warm! I’m incredibly happy with how well this entire set turned out.

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Special Stitch For The Aspen Tweed Hat

Half Double Crochet Two Together (hdc2tog) Photo Tutorial

This tutorial is not for the traditional half double crochet 2 together stitch that uses both loops on both stitches. You are still creating a decrease in stitches, but this special stitch uses the front loop of the first stitch and the back loop of the next stitch or vice versa. It’s used in the pattern called the Aspen Tweed Hat.

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Jasmine Scarf

Jasmine scarf

Well hello there!

May I present the Jasmine Scarf!

This scarf is unique in that it is a cross breed between the classic infinity scarf and the popular triangle scarves that I’ve been seeing around the web. I may not be the first one to create one of these, but I sure am proud of my version!

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Spikes and Stripes Potholder

spikes and stripes potholder

Well hello again!

I’m here today to share my latest design with you…the Spikes and Stripes Potholder.

Mostly everyone has to work with hot items in the kitchen at some point. College kids (Man, that microwave makes things hot! 😛 ), kids learning to cook, you or someone you love cooking your nightly meal—whatever the case may be—someone will still need a good potholder to protect their hands. Even my husband will take something out of the oven for me every once in a while, and why not have super cute and functional tools to tackle the job?

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Upcycled Heart Garland

upcycled heart garland

Hello Everyone!

These little hearts are absolutely adorable whether they are strung together in a garland or individual ornaments! You could make them in any color you could possibly imagine and they would work for so much more than just Valentine’s Day decorations!

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Cabernet Cowl

cabernet cowl

Hello friends!

Well, the end of the year is upon us once again, but instead of feeling sad about it, this year I feel hopeful and excited for the year to come! Starting this blog and getting to share my crochet patterns with you all has been an amazing experience so far. I’m so blessed to be able to earn a living doing what I love and I am grateful for each and every one of you for your support!

To celebrate the coming new year, I designed this sparkly little gem of a cowl to wear to the party we attend every year at our neighbor’s house. No drinking and driving for us!

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12 Colorful Free Washcloth Patterns

12 Colorful and completely free crochet washcloth patterns for your kitchen or bath. They also make great gifts! Excellent roundup for beginners and experts. #roundup #washcloth #crochet #freecrochetpattern

Hey everyone!

I wanted to put together a list of twelve super colorful and free crochet washcloth patterns for you today! Washcloths are such a fun and rewarding project especially if you are a beginner. Even those of us who aren’t beginners, still tend to revel in the beauty of a completed project, no matter what the skill level required. I know I still do!

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