15 Free Ruffled Baby Blanket Patterns

Wrap those babies up in ruffles that are as cute at they are!

15 free ruffled baby blanket patterns

Today I wanted to share with you some free crochet patterns for baby blankets that are all decked out in ruffles!

You can click on the name or the photo and it will take you right to the free pattern.

So here we go!

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Burlap-like Ruffle Garland

crochet burlapp-like ruffle garland pattern

Hey Everyone!

I love the look of the burlap wreaths and garlands that you see everywhere these days. It’s so country! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at crafting with the burlap, but I just never got around to it.

One of the archways in my house, a rather large one that opens up to my staircase, was looking a little bare.  I dug through my gigantic yarn stash (anyone else have one of those?) and found a couple skeins of the Red Heart Warm Brown. It was remarkable how close this color came to matching burlap.

And it hit me!  A soft, flexible garland that looks like burlap! Fantastic!

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