Aspen Tweed Cowl

aspen tweed scarf. linen colored scarf on a mannequin.

Well hello there!

Last week I released the pattern for the Aspen Tweed Hat that included the directions for a messy bun style hat or a beanie with or without a pompom. You can see the hat pattern at the link.

This week, I decided to make a matching cowl and, since I had so much leftover yarn, I also created some matching mittens! You can see the pattern for the Aspen Tweed Mittens at this link.

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Jasmine Scarf

Jasmine scarf

Well hello there!

May I present the Jasmine Scarf!

This scarf is unique in that it is a cross breed between the classic infinity scarf and the popular triangle scarves that I’ve been seeing around the web. I may not be the first one to create one of these, but I sure am proud of my version!

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Angled Clusters Scarf

angled clusters scarf

I have to laugh since I just finished crocheting this Angled Clusters Scarf and the temperature today is in the upper 70’s! Last week we were cozy in our sweaters or hoodies, which prompted me to choose this project.

It just goes to show how unpredictable Pennsylvania weather can be.

That’s also one of the reasons that I don’t pack away my families clothes based on the season. I’ve heard that people from other places and climates do that, but honestly, it would be a waste of time for us. We need a variety of clothing categories year round.

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Strawberries and Cream X’s & O’s Infinity Scarf

Strawberries and Cream X's & O's Infinity Scarf
Hey Everyone!

I hope your week is going well. Even though I’m writing this post in June, it is never a bad idea to start making hats and scarves so you’re prepared for the coming winter. What was that story about the grasshopper who sang all summer?

Ah, never mind. You get my point.

It’s also funny to think that even though, here in Pennsylvania, we are just beginning our summer, the whole other side of the world is working their way through fall and into winter. So I suppose technically, winter hats and scarves can be relevant year round for at least someone!
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Cream Clusters Extra Long Infinity Scarf

Cream Clusters Extra Long Infinity Scarf

I spent the first 13 years of my life growing up in the southern states before my family moved to Pennsylvania.  It was a complete temperature shock.  I was used to sometimes wearing only a light jacket in the winter and I remember getting a new bike for Christmas one year and I was able to go outside on Christmas day in shorts to ride it.

And then the first year we arrived in the North, they got the worst blizzard they had had in…I don’t know how many years.  All I could think of as I looked out our living room window where my mom’s Mustang was buried in white stuff with only the antennae sticking out was, “Where did we just move to?” Dun, Dun, Dun.

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