Upcycled Heart Garland

upcycled heart garland

Hello Everyone!

These little hearts are absolutely adorable whether they are strung together in a garland or individual ornaments! You could make them in any color you could possibly imagine and they would work for so much more than just Valentine’s Day decorations!

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Valentine’s Day Wreath

valentine's day wreath

Hey Everyone!

I have to say—love is in the air! And what a better way to show it than with your very own crocheted heart shaped Valentine’s Day Wreath.

Originally I had made a round wreath.  It was nice, but it wasn’t really screaming Valentine’s Day to me.  (This was back in February.)  I actually stumbled upon a heart shaped wreath form when I was out shopping one day and stuffed it in my cart immediately with zero hesitation!  It was perfect!  There would be absolutely no mistaking which holiday this wreath was dedicated to.

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