Aspen Tweed Hat

aspen tweed hat tan colored hat laying flat on table with one coconut button on band surrounded by various decorative items.

Hi everyone!

Today I have a super cute and warm hat pattern for you. As some of you may already know, if you’ve followed my blogging journey for a while, I live in Pennsylvania and holy moly, do we have some cold winters. I’m sure it’s nothing compared to those living north of here, but it’s still pretty frigid most of the winter. And being January, we’re in the thick of it with no sign of spring for a few more months.

Let me tell you, crocheting is certainly a useful skill up North. We never have too many hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters and blankets!

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Jess Mess-y Bun Hat

Jess Mess-y Bun Hat

A friend of mine asked me last year to crochet her one of those messy bun hats. I said sure, but then I let it go. I didn’t ask for any details like what color she wanted or what style of stitch.  The holidays were coming and I thought it would be a nice surprise for her to get the hat for Christmas.  When I imagined what I would make her, I pictured something classy and feminine.  I also wanted a color that would literally go with anything.

I believe I achieved everything I envisioned with the Jess Mess-y Bun Hat.  (I hope she doesn’t mind the play on her name.  I thought it was cute!)  Although I do think I probably should have called it the Jess Ponytail Hat since I’ve never seen her messy, but it just didn’t have the same ring to it.

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