Spikes and Stripes Potholder

spikes and stripes potholder

Well hello again!

I’m here today to share my latest design with you…the Spikes and Stripes Potholder.

Mostly everyone has to work with hot items in the kitchen at some point. College kids (Man, that microwave makes things hot! 😛 ), kids learning to cook, you or someone you love cooking your nightly meal—whatever the case may be—someone will still need a good potholder to protect their hands. Even my husband will take something out of the oven for me every once in a while, and why not have super cute and functional tools to tackle the job?

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Faux Burlap and Lace Silverware Pockets

Oh my gosh everyone…I am so excited to show you this pattern for these Faux Burlap and Lace Silverware Pockets!!!

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Faux Burlap and Lace Silverware Pocket

I was browsing through Pinterest the other day when I came across a set of burlap and lace silverware holders—real burlap, real lace. I thought they were super cute and then I started thinking. I had crocheted the Burlap-like Ruffle Garland, why not these holders too!

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Dish Drying Mats or Dish Towels

Dish Drying Mats or Dish Towels

Hey Everyone!

Please tell me that I am not the only person without a dish washer. Because that would be tragic. Okay, maybe it’s not that bad, but I do have dish washer envy. It seems that with three little boys and a husband, as soon as I finish washing the dishes by hand, walk to the fridge and back to the sink that the sink is full again.  It’s like magic, I tell you!  That or I live in a house full of stealthy ninjas and just don’t know it.  (My boys wish they were secret ninjas, but, in reality, they are more like a herd of elephants.)
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Ruffle Washcloth

ruffle washcloth dishcloth crochet

Hello Everyone!

Should I crochet these Ruffle Washcloths for the bathroom? Or the kitchen? I just can’t decide.

I guess I will have to make a ton of these washcloths so there are enough for both rooms.  With five people in my family, that’s going to be a substantial amount that we need.  I’d say I have a pretty good start already, but I’ll have to find time to make some more.  Honestly, it’s addicting. I’m considering making some to give away as gifts as well. They are so easy to make! And did I mention fun? Because they are!

They would make a great project for when you’re on the go too—riding as a passenger in the car, on the bus or train, lunch break busy work or while watching your children play at the park.  I love portable projects.  You can take them anywhere.

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Jumbo Dish Scrubbers

jumbo dish scrubbers crochet

I have seen quite a few washcloths and dish scrubber patterns circulating around Pinterest lately and I wanted to put my own spin on it.

Several years ago, I designed a scrubber that was two panels thick, palm-sized and smooth on both sides. And here’s a secret—I’m still using them! They may be faded, but they’ve held up awesome! There were aspects of my design that I didn’t care for though. Like for one, they took forever to dry when laid flat on the counter—yuck! I actually use them once and then wash them. It just doesn’t seem sanitary to leave a wet scrubber lay on the counter. Maybe it’s just me… And you really had to put some elbow grease in if you needed to scrub something.
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